Fighting neglected tropical diseases: The case for participation and human rights based approaches


Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are causes and consequences of poverty, disability and marginalization. They disproportionately affect the world's poorest communities and can have profound physical, mental, social and socioeconomic effects on those who lack the resources for prevention, treatment and care. Thus NTD programs can be viewed as an investment in the poorest and most marginalized communities and a critical step towards... Read more

Women and men must benefit equally from leprosy efforts


From some sources it has seemed that men are more commonly affected by leprosy than women. There is now evidence to show that this is far from the case and that, in fact, there is near parity in the rates of affected women and men; but why the confusion?

Best Foot Forward: Eliminating a Neglected Tropical Disease


A three-minute animated video, “Best Foot Forward,” depicts the source, treatment and prevention of podo. The video was created by Footwork: The International Podoconiosis Initiative, in partnership with Ripple Effect Images, a group of National Geographic contributing photojournalists, to raise awareness of this neglected disease.

Empowering communities to make their own difference


A blog post by Simon Bush