RTI International

RTI is a global leader in NTD control and elimination. Since 2006, RTI has worked in partnership with NTD endemic countries to help integrate and scale up their national NTD control programs for lymphatic filariasis, onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminths, and trachoma. With RTI’s support, national programs succeeded in integrating and scaling up delivery of preventive chemotherapy, rapidly increasing the number of people treated from 16.3 million in 4 countries to over 100 million in 13 countries after 6 years. RTI currently supports NTD control programs in 14 countries. 

RTI's expertise is in integrated NTD control program management and implementation, integrated strategic planning and costing, mass drug administration, data management, monitoring and evaluation, surveillance, capacity building, communications and advocacy, supply chain management, technical assistance, disease mapping, policy development, integrated vector management, and operational research.

RTI supports a number of SAFE Strategy activities critical to reaching 2020 targets for elimination of blinding trachoma, including:

  •     Trachoma mapping

  •     Zithromax distribution

  •     Procurement of tetracycline eye ointment (TEO)

  •     Trachoma action planning, including planning for trichiasis management

  •     Trachoma impact assessments

  •     Post-endemic surveillance

RTI currently supports trachoma elimination in 12 countries - Benin, Cameroon, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Mali, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda. For more information, go to www.NTDenvision.org