Rocketon Crash Review

Rocketon Crash is an online betting game that has gained popularity due to its simple but interesting mechanics. The game involves a virtual rocket that takes off and its multiplier increases as it rises. Players place bets on how high the rocket will rise before it falls, aiming to cash in before it falls to win their multiplied bet.

Provider Galaxys
Release Date 2020
📉Min. Bet $0.50
📈Max. Bet $100
RTP 97%
Demo Version Available

How to start playing?

  1. Choose a gaming platform: To begin, choose an online platform that offers the game Rocketon Crash. Make sure the platform is reliable and secure.
  2. Create an account: If you are new to the platform, you will need to register and create an account. Provide the necessary data and go through all the verification procedures required by the site.
  3. Top up the account: Log in to your account and go to the deposits section. Choose your preferred top-up method and deposit funds into your account, making sure you meet the minimum deposit requirements.
  4. Access the game: Once you’ve topped up your account, find Rocketon Crash in your platform’s games library. You can usually find it using the search function or browsing available games.
  5. Make a bet: Before starting a new game round, enter the amount you want to bet in the appropriate bet field. Remember the minimum and maximum betting limits in the game.
  6. Start the game: Confirm your bet to start the game round. The rocket will begin its ascent, and the game multiplier will begin to increase.

Rocketon Crash game

Advanced features of the Rocketon game

Rocketon, despite the simplicity of the gameplay, has a set of features that greatly improve the interaction with players and the efficiency of the game. We will take a closer look at these features below.

Automatic betting system

Rocketon’s auto-betting feature is designed for accuracy and simplicity, allowing users to pre-determine bet amounts and desired multipliers. This feature not only simplifies the betting process but is also aimed at players looking for an automated gaming experience. However, it is very important that players set betting limits in this system in order to effectively manage their spending and prevent potential financial difficulties.

Automatic withdrawal function

Introducing Rocketon Auto Cash-Out – a unique feature that allows players to automatically end a game session after a certain multiplier has fallen. This guarantees winnings without manual intervention. In addition, the Half Cash-Out option presents a strategic level, offering players the opportunity to partially protect their winnings while continuing to play with the rest of the bet.

Live chat

Hosted by Galaxys, Rocketon Live Chat offers an active way for players to interact. This feature allows you to share strategies, ideas, and general conversations in real-time, creating a collaborative atmosphere among participants. It’s a valuable tool for both communication and learning about other players’ experiences, allowing you to expand your gaming experience by doing more than just game mechanics.

RTP and Volatility of Rocketon

Rocketon stands out in the gaming market thanks to its high return-to-player percentage (RPP) of 97%. This figure means that on average, for every $100 spent, players can expect to get back $97, which indicates a promising chance to win most of their bets. In addition, Rocketon belongs to the category of games with high volatility, which indicates the presence of both significant risks and the possibility of obtaining large winnings. The game is designed in such a way that, despite the potential for significant changes in player behavior, it also opens up opportunities for significant winnings, satisfying those looking for an interesting gaming experience with the prospect of significant financial gains.

Mobile version

The adaptation of Rocketon Crash for mobile platforms provides players with access to the full gameplay on smartphones and tablets. Designed to preserve game quality and functionality across devices, it supports intuitive navigation and responsive controls for seamless gameplay. Compatibility with major operating systems such as iOS and Android ensures widespread availability, allowing players to enjoy the dynamic gameplay and visual fidelity of Rocketon Crash on the go, without compromising on performance or user experience.

Rocketon game mobile

Tips and tricks

  1. Set bid limits: Applying predetermined betting limits is essential to maintaining financial discipline and avoiding the mistakes of excessive betting. This strategy ensures that players stay within their comfort zone, reducing potential financial risk.
  2. Carefully study the game mechanics: It is important to have a good understanding of the rules and features of playing Rocketon. Familiarizing yourself with all available gaming options allows players to make effective use of these features, potentially improving their gaming performance.
  3. Follow a financial strategy: Sticking to a clear budget and sticking to predetermined loss limits are very important. This disciplined approach helps prevent overspending and ensures that gameplay remains fun, not a monetary problem.
  4. Treat Rocketon as entertainment: It is important that players play Rocketon with the main intention of having fun. Although the game offers potential financial rewards, it is important to view it as a source of entertainment rather than income for a good gaming experience.

Effective game strategies

  • Martingale System: This strategy involves doubling the amount of the bet after a loss in order to recoup losses and profit in case of a win. After a win, the bet is returned to the original amount, which ensures effective bet management.
  • Anti-Martingale Strategy: Unlike the Martingale system, this approach involves increasing bets after wins and decreasing after losses. It uses winning streaks while minimizing losses during less successful rounds.


  • D’Alembert Method: A more cautious approach compared to the Martingale system, the D’Alembert method involves changing the bet by a fixed amount (eg $1) instead of doubling. This additional adjustment is applied after each win or loss, based on a predetermined base bet from the player’s budget.
  • +
    QuestionVusing Provably Fair technology to ensure the randomness and fairness of the round results
  • +
    Features such as automatic bets and withdrawals enhance the gaming experience
  • +
    The mobile version provides game flexibility
  • +
    Simple, intuitive gameplay accessible to beginners
  • -
    Limited availability in several regions
  • -
    Narrowed range of bet selection
  • -
    Unpredictability can lead to rapid losses


Rocketon Crash stands out among other online games with its interesting and at the same time simple gameplay. The game is designed with clear, user-friendly mechanics and enhanced with interactive elements that offer players to optimize their withdrawal time for potential winnings. Its appeal reaches a diverse audience of players due to the simplicity of the gameplay, although its random nature advises a strategic approach to the game. The availability of a training demo and the game’s adaptability to various mobile platforms greatly increase its accessibility, allowing audiences to experience Rocketon Crash firsthand.