About the game Stake Crash

Stake Crash is a popular online casino game available on the Stake platform that combines simplicity with exciting gameplay. This is a type of “crash” game where players bet on a multiplier that increases in value before suddenly falling.

Provider Stake Online Casino
Release Date 2014
📉Min. Bet 0.00000001 BTC
📈Max. Bet 100 BTC
RTP 99%
Demo Version Available

Gameplay and theme

A Stake Crash is inspired by the concept of a financial market crash, where timing and foresight play a crucial role in the outcome. Similarly, success in this casino game depends on the player’s ability to anticipate and act on changes in the dynamics of the game, in particular, knowing the optimal moment to win. Drawing parallels with the volatility of the stock market, the game Crash offers the potential for significant returns, provided players can navigate volatility and make timely decisions about their investments.

Stake Crash interface game

Basic rules

At Stake Casino, the Crash game starts after you have registered as a user and deposited funds into your account, allowing you to place your first bet. The gameplay includes a graphic display with a line that goes up, symbolizing a multiplier that increases over time. The challenge for players is to protect their earnings by choosing to cash out before this rising line falls.

When this line goes up, it increases the multiplier along with the possibility of a bigger payout. The outcome depends on chance, as the line can suddenly break at any moment. This game is continuous where you participate along with other players by making bets.

Game interface and animation

The Stake Crash interface has a minimalistic design that showcases a multiplier progression graph, an area for placing bets, as well as autoplay and withdrawal options mid-round. The animations are smooth, which heightens the tension of the game with visual cues.

How to play Crash On Stake step by step

To start playing Stake Crash, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account: Visit the Stake Casino website and register a new account by entering the required information or log in to your account if you have one.
  2. Verify your account: Complete all necessary verification processes required by Stake Casino to ensure account security and compliance.
  3. Make a deposit: After your account is created, go to the top-up section. Choose the preferred method of replenishing the account and transfer the funds to your Stake account. Stake Casino supports various currencies, including cryptocurrency.
  4. Find a survival game: Open the game library at Stake Casino. Find a Crash game in the relevant category or use the search function to find it faster.
  5. Learn the rules of the game: Before placing bets, read the rules of the Crash game. Understanding how the multiplier works and when you can cash out is critical.
  6. Make a bet: Enter the amount you wish to bet in the appropriate field. Make sure you are aware of the minimum and maximum betting limits.
  7. Start the game: Confirm your bet to start the round. Decide whether you are going to use the autoplay option or place bets manually, enter your bet amount, and click the green Bet button.
  8. Convert to cash: Use the Withdraw button to withdraw your winnings at the current multiplier. If you wait too long and the game crashes, you will lose your bet.


Players can set the game to automatically place bets and payout with predetermined multipliers, facilitating a hands-free approach to the game. In addition, autoplay offers advanced options such as stop profit, stop loss, profit profit, and more.

Bet Collapse Ratios and RTPs

The return to player percentage (RPP) and odds in this game is an exceptionally high 99.00%. This figure not only indicates an above-average payout potential compared to other survival games but also highlights the game’s competitive edge in terms of player profitability. While the game has a tendency to break down at lower multipliers, it also has a higher probability of reaching much higher multipliers, exhibiting the unpredictability and variability inherent in its gameplay.

Bet limits and maximum winnings

Stake Crash sets minimum and maximum stake limits for different budgets. The maximum winnings are usually limited to prevent excessive payouts in one round.

Currency Minimum rate Maximum rate Maximum profit
EURO (€) 0,01 100 000 1 000 000
USD ($) 0,01 200 000 1 000 000
BTC 0,00000001 100 5
LTC 0,00000001 3000 300
ETH 0,00000001 1000 150
BCH 0,00000001 1000 100
TRX 0,00000001 10 000 000 1 000 000
EOS 0,00000001 100 000 10 000
XRP 0,00000001 1 000 000 300 000
DOGE 0,00000001 2 000 000 2 000 000

Demo game

A Stake Crash demo is available, allowing players to try out the game without risking real money. All you need to do is set the bet amount to 0.00 BTC or whatever currency you use. This is a great way for newbies to familiarize themselves with the gameplay.

stake Crash mobile

  • +
    Compatible with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies
  • +
    Ability to track bets and payouts of other players
  • +
    Offers autoplay and mid-round withdrawal features
  • +
    Supports multiple players
  • +
    Simple and exciting gameplay
  • -
    Limited visual and thematic depth
  • -
    High unpredictability, with the risk of losing bets


Stake Crash offers a simple yet fun gaming experience that will appeal to players who like to take risks. Simple mechanics combined with features such as multiplayer, autoplay and mid-round cash-out make it an excellent choice among online casino games. While the game’s unpredictability may not suit all players, its RTP and betting limits are set to ensure a fair chance of winning, making it worth considering for those looking to test their luck.