TrustDice Crash Game Review

TrustDice is a popular online crypto casino that offers a variety of games including dice, slots, roulette, and crash. Among these games, the crash game has attracted a lot of attention from players due to its unique gameplay and high potential for winnings. In this review, we will take a detailed look at the TrustDice crash game, its features, and gameplay mechanics and compare it to other similar games on the market. We will also discuss the developer of this game and its reputation in the online gambling industry.

What is TrustDice Crash Game?

The TrustDice game is a popular variation of the classic “multiply your bet” game that can be found in most casinos. The goal of the game is simple – players bet on the game’s multiplier and watch it grow, hoping to cash in before it falls.
Unlike classic casinos, where the outcome is determined by a random number generator, TrustDice’s emergency game uses blockchain technology to ensure proven fair results. This adds an extra layer of trust and transparency for players, making it a preferred choice for many.

Release Date 2019
📉Min. Bet 0.00000100 BTC
📈Max. Bet 0.5 BTC
RTP 98.5%
Demo Version Available

How to start playing TrustDice Crash

  1. Go to the TrustDice platform: Open a web browser and go to the TrustDice platform. You can access the platform directly through the mobile browser without the need to use a special application.
  2. Log in to your account or register: If you already have a TrustDice account, log in using your credentials. For new players, start by registering an account. Provide the required information and create a strong password.
  3. Top up your account: To play TrustDice Crash for real cryptocurrency winnings, you need to top up your account. The platform accepts popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and EOS. Enter the desired amount using Arany cryptocurrencies.
  4. Go to the TrustDic game: Once your account is topped up, go to the TrustDice Crash Game on the platform. You can usually find it in the list alongside other available games or by searching.
  5. Select the bet amount: Before starting the game, select the desired bet amount. TrustDice Crash offers flexibility in choosing the amount you want to bet.
  6. Understanding the game: Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. In TrustDice Crash, the goal is to predict when the multiplier will hit. You can withdraw your bet at any time before the collapse to protect your winnings.

How does the game work?

To start playing the TrustDice crash game, players must first register an account on the TrustDice platform and fund it with any of the supported cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or EOS.

After topping up the account, players can play in manual or automatic mode. In manual mode, players manually place bets and cash out before the game crashes. In auto mode, players can set a target multiplier and the game will automatically stop when that multiplier is reached.
The game starts with a base multiplier of 1x and continuously increases until the crash is complete. The higher the multiplier, the riskier it becomes, but also offers higher potential wins. Players must time their withdrawals correctly to maximize their profits.

TrustDice Crash gameplay

Features of TrustDice

  1. Probably fair gameplay: TrustDice uses blockchain technology to ensure that the outcome of each game is fair and transparent. Players can check the results on the blockchain, which gives them peace of mind and trust in the game.
  2. Support for multiple cryptocurrencies: unlike classic casinos that only accept fiat currencies, TrustDice allows players to fund their accounts with multiple cryptocurrencies. This makes it convenient for players who prefer to use different cryptoassets.
  3. Instant withdrawal: TrustDice offers instant withdrawals, meaning players can transfer their winnings quickly without any delays or waiting periods.
  4. Convenient interface: the crash game has a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for both beginners and experienced players.
  5. Leaderboard: TrustDice offers a leaderboard feature where players can compete against each other to reach the top position on the leaderboard and win additional rewards.
  6. Progressive Jackpot: apart from the regular winnings, the TrustDice crash game also has a progressive jackpot that gives players a chance to win even bigger prizes.

Play the demo version

Before betting on real cryptocurrencies, players can try the TrustDice Crash Game in demo mode. Here’s how to access and enjoy the demo:

  • Selection of demo mode: Under Crash Game, find the option to switch to Demo Mode or Play for fun. This mode allows you to play with virtual credits instead of real cryptocurrencies.
  • Gameplay study: In the demo mode, you can learn the mechanics of the game, place bets, and feel the excitement without any financial risk. This is the perfect way to get familiar with the game.
  • No deposit required: The demo game does not require you to make deposits or use real cryptocurrencies. You can play as much as you want without worrying about your bankroll.
  • Practice and strategy: Use the demo to practice your strategy, learn about multiplier patterns, and gain confidence in your timing.
  • Switch to real cryptocurrency: Once you feel comfortable and confident, you can easily switch to playing with real cryptocurrencies by exiting the demo mode and choosing to play for real money.

Having a demo game allows players to hone their skills and experience the excitement of the game without having to make real cryptocurrency bets.

Comparison with other similar games

TrustDice Crash Game stands out from other similar games on the market due to its use of blockchain technology, proven fair gameplay and support for multiple cryptocurrencies. While there are other crypto games available, none offer the same level of trust and transparency as TrustDice.

In terms of gameplay, TrustDice offers a unique experience with manual and automatic modes, as well as progressive jackpot and leaderboard features. This adds an extra level of excitement and engagement for players.

Play TrustDice Crash on mobile devices

With the continued growth of mobile usage around the world, TrustDice Crash has been carefully optimized for smooth and accessible gameplay on smartphones and tablets.

With mobile compatibility, players can effortlessly play the game on the go, regardless of their location. Thanks to its mobile design, the game allows players to fully focus on the gameplay, regardless of geographical restrictions.

TrustDice Crash mobile interface

Gameplay TrustDice Crash Game

Playing TrustDice Crash Game is a fun experience marked by a combination of strategy, intuition, and a bit of luck. At the start of the game, the multiplier starts at 1x and increases in value. The increasing multiplier is graphically represented as a line that continuously increases until it “drops” at random points. The player’s goal is to cash out the high-multiplier initial bet before a bust occurs.

A player starts a game round by making a bet. When a bet is placed and a round begins, the multiplier increases, and the potential winnings increase. However, the player must strategically decide when to stop the multiplier. If they wait too long, the game may crash and they will lose their bet. It’s all about finding the perfect moment to stop the multiplier and cash out.

A distinctive feature of the game is the “Auto” mode. In auto mode, instead of manually stopping the multiplier, the player can set a pre-determined upper limit at which the game will be automatically recalculated, allowing a more relaxed approach to the game and allowing players to strategize their winnings.

Bonuses in TrustDice Crash Game

TrustDice Crash Game offers various bonuses to its players, adding a new level of excitement to the gaming experience. One such bonus is the Free Bitcoin Faucet, which allows players to receive free Bitcoins every six hours, providing a risk-free way to experience the game. In addition, players can also earn a daily betting contest bonus in which the top three players who placed the highest bet of the day will receive additional Bitcoins as a reward. TrustDice also offers a Bitcoin deposit bonus where players receive a Bitcoin bonus proportional to the deposit amount. Finally, the platform has a VIP program that rewards loyal players with special bonuses, including cashbacks and better betting conditions. These bonuses not only offer players an opportunity to increase their earnings but also enhance the overall gaming experience.

Responsible for gaming and security at TrustDice

TrustDice is committed to promoting responsible gaming and has implemented various measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its players. The platform encourages its users to view games as a form of entertainment rather than a means of making money. He advises players to set limits on their deposits, bets, and losses and never chase losses.

TrustDice also provides self-exclusion options, allowing players who believe they may have a gambling problem to voluntarily suspend their accounts for a period of time. Furthermore, gambling by minors is strictly prohibited and the platform uses strict age verification procedures to ensure this.

In terms of security, TrustDice uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect players’ personal and financial information. It operates under the regulatory oversight of the Electronic Gaming Authority of Curaçao, which requires it to adhere to strict standards of fairness, safety, and accountability. The use of blockchain technology further increases the transparency of the games as every transaction is recorded and can be verified on the blockchain. This commitment to responsible gaming and strong security measures help ensure a safe and enjoyable game for all players at TrustDice.


In conclusion, the TrustDice crash game is a very interesting and potentially profitable game that offers a unique twist to the usual casino games. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, proven fair gameplay, as well as various bonuses and features, it stands out from other similar games on the market. Additionally, its commitment to responsible gaming and security measures makes it a trusted platform for players around the world. With a reputable developer and constant updates and improvements, TrustDice is definitely worth checking out for those looking for an exciting crypto-crash game.